About Us

PLANET DISTRIKT is a worldwide travel guide with the largest network of local reporters. Our local reporters use mydistriKt to publish their content. mydistriKt is a free application available on iOS or Android, and a website.

You can become one of our local reporters and get an International Press Card, for free.

The most influent mydistriKt’s reporters, whatever they talk about a small village in south of India or a fancy neighborhood in New York City, receive, via mail, an International Press Card. This card allows them to have previews about new places, behind the scenes of exhibitions, discount access to museums, press conferences and events…and even complimentary exclusives activities where they live or travel thanks to partnerships that we have created.

On mydistriKt, our local reporters plant a flag and draw their “distriKt”, an area, a place, associated with important personal experiences, life projects, or memories. They can post pictures, videos, write articles, share their knowledge, secret spots, hidden gems, and more with the world. They can also explore new territories with keywords or draw-on-map research; keep their best findings and finally conneKt with mydistriKt users’ community via social functionalities.

Who can be more trusted than a local?

mydistriKt has local reporters in 146 countries. It’s the largest network of travel reporters ever! All the content is accessible worldwide and can be translated immediately in each user’s language.

Here, on PLANET DISTRIKT, we publish the best reviews of our mydistriKt’s reporters. It creates a fantastic, worldwide, dynamic, authentic and trustful guide to discover our beautiful planet.

Regarding the K, present in our names…

K is a crossroads, the point where two road meet, a situation that requires some important choice must be made: What will be your next destination?! To travel, to live, to explore!

mydistriKt and PLANET DISTRIKT are powered by mydistriKt Inc., a US company, founded in 2015 in Miami, by four entrepreneurs passionate about travel, social media and new technologies.