The commune of Benic-Étables-sur-Mer, France, is nothing short of ideal

The commune of Benic-Étables-sur-Mer, France, is nothing short of ideal

Cool off, heat up, it’s up to you

Binic-Étables-sur-Mer, France, is a commune on the Bay of Saint-Brieuc, an inlet of the English Channel. This charming commune is a wonderful slice of the world to go to escape the pressures of every day life. This distriKt is made by Binic-Étables-sur-Mer Office of Tourism, meaning they’re giving us an inside look at their commune. There’s a little something to offer for everyone in Binic-Étables-sur-Mer.

Given that Binic-Étables-sur-Mer is a coastal destination, many activities revolve around the water. The cliffs surrounding the beach provide impeccable views of the Channel and its light blue water by the coast. Hike up the cliff, paddleboard, or take a boat out onto the sea, and take in the serenity of the unending flow of water in a perfect natural environment.

Ah, but it looks like there’s something missing in your hand! Warming up in the sun necessitates a cool down period. The Via Costa serves us delicious drinks in a calm setting. Sometimes you can just look at a drink and know that it’s going to be tasty, and that’s the case with the frozen drinks on this distriKt. Still need something else in your hand? Morice’s ice cream shop will help you out, and cool you down at the same time.

Market day in Binic-Étables-sur-Mer is the best time to take a walk along the waterfront. Vendors are set up all along the water, but the Office of Tourism suggests trying an authentic sausage patty. How can you say no if they say “yes!”? Unless you’re a vegetarian, that it…Come nighttime, the waterfront is decked out in rainbow lighting, adding splashes of color along the walkway.

Visitors leave Binic-Étables-sur-Mer feeling as loose as a goose from all the relaxing they’ve done. Check out their distriKt and you’ll see what they’re talking about!

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