Berlin travel advice from the best source around: a Berlin travel agent!

Berlin travel advice from the best source around: a Berlin travel agent!

She knows this city well…

This distriKt is a fabulous guide to Berlin, Germany, from local reporter Aysun. She lives and works in Berlin, as a travel agent in a hotel no less, and shows us how much she knows about the city. With that kind of insider knowledge, this distriKt is a must for anyone with an interest in traveling to Berlin someday.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel that had its own hammock room? Well maybe you have, but that was probably at some tropical destination, right? Now you can chill in a hammock in a beautiful sunroom while you take in the city thanks to the 25th Hotel at The Bikini House. The 25th Hotel is where Aysun works, and she’ll tell you that it’s the best place to stay in Berlin…

As a travel agent Aysun undoubtedly has her own food recommendations for anyone on a trip in her city. Need to know where to hangout and spend a few hours during the day? Yep, Aysun is on top of that also. She knows all of the trendy restaurants as well as the local cafés, even German national soccer team head coach Joachim Löw’s favorite eatery. You’ll have to enter to find out where it is…

Okay, so maybe you’re more of the shopping type. Has it been mentioned yet that Aysun is a local travel agent? This is the last mention, don’t worry…Anyway, Aysun does know the best Berlin shopping destinations as well. Basically, you can say that Aysun is somewhat of an expert when it comes to discovering Berlin and the activities the city has to offer.

Visit her distriKt before planning your next trip to the German capital!

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Im a travel agent. Working at 25h Hotel in Berlin and studying IBM. You need some travel tips? Good, get conneKted with me!I know some hot SPOTS