Bondi Beach, Australia, and a pool in the ocean?

Bondi Beach, Australia, and a pool in the ocean?

You read the title correctly

Christopher is from Germany and loves to explore new places. In this distriKt, he shares his adventures on Bondi Beach in Australia, where he now lives. As a local reporter he shows us what’s so special about Bondi Beach and its surrounding area.

The first picture in Christopher’s distriKt is of a pool by the beach. Maybe you think of a beachside pool being close to the beach; not on the beach but close enough so that you can still see the beach. That isn’t the case with this pool, yet it’s still by the beach. How does that work? Well, it’s in the ocean! Waves crash up against it with each swell! This is a truly unique place to soak up some rays and stay cool at the same time.

For those of you interested in ocean life, the rocks around Bondi Beach offer opportunities to explore tidepools, like Christopher did. This can be a fun way to spend part of an afternoon. If the ocean isn’t your calling, there are plenty of miles of forest to discover. Waterfalls, raised walking bridges, and who knows what else. Not knowing what to expect is part of the fun!

After a little exploration, it’s time for a little more exploration! The Bondi-Bronte Coastwalk is a wooden walking path that allows people to walk along the elevated coast where there isn’t any beach. Just don’t get caught out during a windstorm, because that sand can blow! It even covered any entire skatepark that was right next to the beach!

Explore Bondi Beach and Australia like Christoper did, and find inspiration with his distriKt!

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