Escape to Martinique for a few days…or the rest of your life

Escape to Martinique for a few days…or the rest of your life

It’s different from the advanced Western world, but who’s to say that isn’t a good thing?

Dominique returns to Martinique in this island-style distriKt, sharing with us the best her home Caribbean island has to offer. As an international reporter, Dominique shared the local food, visited an open-air market, went hiking in the hills beyond the beach, and much more. Her distriKt is ideal for anyone looking for an island getaway.

Take a trip to Martinique and relax on the sandy beaches. If you do, you’ll have a fresh squeezed juice in your hand and an eye on the sailboats anchored just off shore. The sea breeze will rustle your hair, and a waiter will bring you a plate of fresh lambis, the local seafood specialty. You’ll take a bite, close your eyes, and hear the rustle of the palm trees in the background as you become immersed in your own private paradise…

Until, that is, a local vendor reaches your table and wakes you from your stupor to ask if you’re interested in purchasing some fresh citrus. But hey, your watch still reads “island time.” Plus, your feet are still buried in the sand. That’s right, the restaurant isn’t just right next to the beach, it’s on the beach itself.

Isn’t it time this became your reality?

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