In San Francisco, California, you be you

In San Francisco, California, you be you

Who do you want to be?

Jean Charles left his home country of France to travel to San Francisco, California in the United States. He documented his experiences in the Bay Area and shared them with us in his distriKt! As an international reporter, Jean Charles focused on the idiosyncrasies present in The City.

Jean Charles is fascinated by the quirkiness of San Francisco. The first post on his distriKt came on April 20, also known as 420. You can do your own research on 420 in San Francisco to figure out why it would be such an interesting first day to spend in the city. Basically, people gather in parks and the result is a cloud that begins to form overhead of the park.

His second stop came in the Castro district. San Francisco, like all other big cities, is split up into neighborhoods, called districts (fitting!). The Castro is known for being a very pro-LGBT neighborhood (as well as SF as a whole), with rainbow flags seen flying on almost every street.

In San Francisco, tolerance is a way of life. You are free to be yourself in this city, even if that means taking the bus with a parrot on your shoulders. Ever thought aout buying your own unicorn? This is the place for you. In SF, there is an eclectic mix of characters. Some of them decide to throw paint on themselves and their friends before going on an early morning run. To sum up the city’s ethos, “you be you.”

During his trip, Jean Charles was able to take in a San Francisco Giants baseball game at AT&T Park. It’s unclear who won that game, but he did get a pretty neat action shot! All around The City Jean Charles photographed his favorite street art as well as old, vintage cars parked on the streets. One backstreet was covered in street art from wall-to-wall, while one of the old rides that stood out to him was a forest green 1972 Ford Torino. No, it was not Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino,” just another torino on the block (maybe it was Dirty Harry’s…).

Of course, Jean Charles didn’t forget about the amazing views that can be found in SF. Discovering one of the many hill-parks can lead you to a view of the entire city! See that, and more, by visiting Jean Charles distriKt!

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