Destination: Milan, Italy, a daily life of art and food

Destination: Milan, Italy, a daily life of art and food

The eyes of a student are full of experiences

Begum loves her city of Milan, Italy, where she is a student. Her distriKt is all about showing off her city, and the beauty inside, to the world, through capturing her daily life as a student in Milan. The beauty of this distriKt is that Begum is able to find beauty anywhere and everywhere! What a beautiful life it must be…Did we mention beauty yet?

As a student in Milan, Begum knows the city well. Always trust advice from a student as they had to get to know and discover the area on their own! From the street art shielded façades of Milanese buildings to pristine courtyards and parks, Begum has nearly discovered this artistic city in full. If you love Italian art or architecture, this is the distriKt for you. If you love Italian food, this is the distriKt for you! Interested in the daily life of a student in Milan? You guessed it, this distriKt is for you. One could say her distriKt is a guide to Italian art and food through daily adventures. Not a bad combination, right?

Experience Milan with the help of Begum when planning your trip to Northern Italy!

Planet DistriKt Tip : Ceetiz Pass with transport & discounts, and La Scala Theatre

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