There’s more to France than Paris

There’s more to France than Paris

See Bagnolet, Saint-Malo, and more in this distriKt

In this distriKt Jean Marie takes us to his place of work in France. Maybe you’re thinking, “we all have places of work, why is hers so special?” Well, to put it simply, France is Jean Marie’s place of work. He travels across the country for his job, documenting each beautiful destination for us all to see.

His journey begins in the southern city of Nice, France, at the Imperial Park before he made her way north to Bagnolet. On the outskirts of Paris, Jean Marie found a cozy cafe in Bagnolet in an attractive urban setting. After visiting another suburb of Paris, Levallois-Perret, he went to go see the Museum of Modern Art, situated only blocks from the Eiffel Tower. One of the exhibits was rather strange or, modern, if you will. It was a brass ass…just sticking up in the air. Check it out, why don’t you!

Jean Marie does a splendid job as a local reporter, discovering Saint-Malo while providing us a tour of the walled-city at the same time. We see the medieval castle-like structure that’s now a hotel, another castle feet from the English Channel, a national fort, a superb-looking gateau, a typical house, and a rum bar. We all need a place to go at the end of a long day, right?

The next stop is Biarritz on France’s Basque coast. Where there is beach, there are people. Just look at the packed beach Jean Marie took a photo of: hundreds of people pack it to the gills! Biarritz also has a fair amount of art, both artworks and culinary art. The food platters are super enticing!

If you want to travel to France, or are thinking of travel in general, pay a visit to Jean Marie’s distriKt. His guide through France may just provide you with the kind of inspiration you’re looking for.

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