An escape to Paradise

An escape to Paradise

Some clear waters, an island and my bikini please

Marion delivers another swell distriKt with with one that takes us to islands across the world. What do the Maldives, Fiji, New Caledonia, Australia, Brazil and France have in common? Their amazing white sand beaches, clear waters, and you, there, sipping a cocktail in the sun. Life is good, right?

If you love beaches, the sun, the ocean, or any kind of natural landscape, this is the distriKt for you. A vacation is at your fingertips upon entering Marion’s island distriKt. Relaxation is waiting, simply take a trip to her page and discover the islands of the world.

One second you’re in the Turks and Caicos, the next you’re in Tahiti. One moment you’re in Corsica, the next you’re boating from to Martinique. Repeat, and insert two islands of your choice, and repeat again. Feel the breeze rush through your hair as the sun warms up your face.

Are you relaxed yet?

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