2 days in London

2 days in London

A shiny weekend in sunny London with Caroline

In this distriKt, Caroline shows us what her trip to London was all about. She would love to have all of her breakfasts in a coffee shop in London, to go shopping every day in Nothing Hill, and take her time visiting every museum and gallery of the city. At least she did it once, when she spent a big weekend in England with her friends.

Caroline found a juicery in the Borough Market one day. This place had to have at least 100 cups of juice on display, full of dozens of juice combinations. This market is recommended for anyone in London looking to get an authentic feel of the city.

Just walking around the city was a treat to Caroline. She loved to admire the architecture and take in the numerous flower planters on the building ledges. They added quite a nice touch of color to each building.

It’s time for you to spend some time in the English capital with this distriKt!

Planet DistriKt Tip : Use the Ceetiz Pass to discover museums & attractions with priority access ! (transport included)

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Caroline Szpira

Caroline Szpira
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