Laure covers France like no one thus far

Laure covers France like no one thus far

Arguably the deepest distriKt yet, Laure shares with us what France has to offer (and she knows this really well!)

Laure’s sensational photography takes us right in with her to Provence, France, her distriKt’s featured location. In her distriKt she creates a visual encyclopedia for Provence, photographing what stands out to everyone as well as the visual minutiae of daily life. Warning: beautiful pictures are coming.

If there was ever a guide to Provence, this is it. Laure’s discoveries in the region can become our discoveries as well. Her recommendations are primary source quality, and a result of her being a local reporter. For instance, have you ever wondered where you could find a giant chocolate éclair? Laure will show you where to go. This is the kind of inside information she has between her ears.

The natural beauty of the Provence region is remarkable. Paths through these areas are often narrow with both sides covered in foliage. All you can see when you’re inside is the surrounding green hedges, a little brown path, and a strip of blue sky above. Someone even took it upon themselves to string up a hammock in between a hedge and the ivy-covered trunk of a nearby tree. Perfect for a French siesta.

Laure made it over to Porquerolles, an island off the Côte d’Azur. Cars are not allowed on the island, a quirky yet environmentally friendly enforcement. Instead, bikes own the streets on this popular vacation island.

In Aix-en-Provence Laure found street performers and vendors filling one neighborhood, all trying to make a living one way or another. One person performed a mime act while wearing atypical mime clothing: he had a Jamaican rasta-style beanie. Maybe this will catch on with other mimes…but probably not. The bowls and linens being sold around him were just as colorful, though, if not more so!

There’s too much in this distriKt to detail. It is an adventure you must go on yourself if you want to know what Laure does next! This distriKt is extensive, but there is never a dull moment.

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