Life in the ‘burbs: Naperville, Illinois

Life in the ‘burbs: Naperville, Illinois

Fun or boring? Depends on the day and who you ask!

Naperville, Illinois, is a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, and home to Eric and his family. With this distriKt, Eric gives us an authentic lens into the daily life of a family man in the American suburbs. Who says you can’t have fun in the suburbs? Well, maybe the kids say so, for all the reasons the parents like it there…

Eric starts his local reporting by sharing a couple of important tid-bits about Naperville. First, if Mother Nature wants there to be snow, she can bring snow. A LOT of snow. As Eric shows us in one picture, it’s a winter wonderland! That is, for everyone who doesn’t hold adult responsibilities. Snow days = no school, all play. This is what kids call “fun” in the suburbs! I believe the adults think of it as Hell freezing over…

Second, the center of the city is marked by the Naperville Millennium Carillon Tower. It’s the tallest landmark in Naperville, and can be seen throughout town. The bells in the tower provide a sense of small-town USA, suggest a leisurely attitude, and add a small, yet pleasant dimension to each day.

For the Fourth of July Eric and his family, including the newest member, an 8-week old lab named Maggie, went to the town’s July Festival. The most noteworthy of vendors at the festival deep fry’s everything from Oreo’s and Twinkie’s to key lime pie and cheesecake…perfect for a dessert after that fried turkey leg. Make no bones about it, America is a “large” country…

Rest assured, there is good food to be found in Naperville. Eric’s inside recommendations include the garlic potato salad and paella at Meson Sabika Spanish Tapas and any seafood dish at Hugo’s Frog Bar. That sounds just a little bit healthier…

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