Jamaica mon, no problem

Jamaica mon, no problem

A guide to Jamrock island

Lucinda travelled to Jamaica and created this awesome distriKt guide about her trip. She shares her favorite locations, restaurants, places to stay, and bits of history. To put it one way, her distriKt has it all!

Her journey started in Negril, Jamaica, a small town on the Western side of the island. Negril is known for its long coastline featuring white sand beaches and crystal clear water. The town is also home to many restaruant’s, bars, and clubs. Come nighttime, you can hear the clubs bump dancehall reggae music while people get their groove on! Negril is highly recommended by Lucinda, especially considering the affordability when it comes to lodging!

Lucinda was able to visit Bob Marley’s village. It looked very lush and modest at the same time. It’s easy to see where Marley got his philosophy from, loving the land and living humbly. Down the road from the village, Lucinda saw the Black River, as well as some friendly (only because they didn’t bite!) crocodiles out for a swim. Nearby was a series of small waterfalls that looked great for swimming, except for, you know, the crocodiles…

As an international reporter, Lucinda gave a shout-out to a friend she made while in Jamaica, Ricki. He’s the owner of Shady Acres Ricki’s Cafe in Mandeville, Jamaica, and has run quite the operation. He’s a grill master, bartender, and entertainer. And he loves to be all three! He’ll pour you a Shady Punch and grill you up some jerk chicken, all while entertaining his cafe’s guests. It goes without saying, Ricki’s Cafe is highly recommended! (RIcki even has his own distriKt, found here!)

All in all, a trip to Jamaica is highly recommended by Lucinda. With her status as an international reporter, you can take her advice to heart. Come see what else she saw while in Jamaica in her distriKt!

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