The Maldives: Hundreds of islands, one country

The Maldives: Hundreds of islands, one country

In the Maldives you can make one island your own private sanctuary

Jaadhulla lives in the Maldives, a nation made up of hundreds of islands in the Indian Ocean, and brings us the best of his country in this distriKt. Jaadhulla works at a resort development company, so it’s safe to say he knows a few things about making the most out of a travel experience. One peek at this distriKt, and you’ll be wishing you were there yourself!

What time is it in the Maldives right now? The answer is island-time, of course. Wake up, get a cup of coffee and a bite to eat on the water, but under the shade of the restaurants large outdoor tent, and plan your day. Will you go lie on the beach today, or will you sit by the beach and eat lunch? Maybe you’ll go swimming in the water or take a boat to one of the many surrounding atolls. What’s the point in even asking, of course you will.

Jaadhulla was in country at the time of their 50th anniversary of the Maldives independence day. Walkways were lit up, people were in the streets, and the marina was full of boats. It must have been an entertaining night; there’s nothing like partying when on island-time. Especially when you’re actually on an island!

What makes a trip here so special is the seemingly exclusiveness of the islands beach-front pagoda colonies. One of these features a dock extended over the water with pagodas on each side, all over the water as well. There’s an infinity pool on the ocean’s edge, blurring the line between where the pool ends and the ocean begins. There’s plenty of outdoor seating on the docks, and the absence of many tourists provides you with the impression that all of this was built just for you.

If it was built just for you, what are you still doing reading this? Check out Jaadhulla’s distriKt, and start planning your trip! They’re waiting for you…

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