Marseille, ma belle

Marseille, ma belle

Marseille: the second biggest city in France as seen by a Parisian

Sophie is a Parisian but she now lives in Marseille. In her distriKt you can tell how she truly appreciates going to the beach in April, seeing seagulls in the streets and spending her evenings wandering in the city and its magical port.

Let’s start with a sunrise at the marina. The rays are streaking through the spotty clouds creating two sources of light. Those same clouds turn a dirty orange as the sunlights filters through, illuminating the skyline above the boats. The water turns an identical color and there isn’t a ripple in sight. The marina is placid, peaceful, the perfect way to start the day off right.

Midday is a good time to take a walk along the shoreline, exploring the numerous little alleyways that lead from one narrow street to another. Running all along the marina are pastel buildings, each one fitting neatly into their own slice of land. Some are on flat ground while others run up the slope of a hill. The similarities and differences between the buildings give Marseille it’s own unique look.

A good way to end the day is by visiting Sophie’s distriKt! Absorb all of the splendid photography and Marseille visuals Sophie has to offer as a local reporter. Have you ever heard of eye-candy?

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Sophie Bourdin

Sophie Bourdin
Marseille avec le regard d'une parisienne... Paris avec le regard d'une nostalgique et le reste du monde avec des étoiles plein les yeux ...

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