Matara, Sri Lanka, odds and ends as told through the eyes of a local

Matara, Sri Lanka, odds and ends as told through the eyes of a local

With so much to love, what can there be to hate?

Once again Jean brings us a detailed distriKt about his life in Matara, Sri Lanka. You can call this distriKt a guide to all things quirky and unique to Matara. His distriKt is aptly named (“Love it or Hate it!”), as Jean tells us with his posts whether he loves what he found or hates what he found. Whichever feeling he has, we love his authentic inside look at Matara. It’s a unique way to discover something different!

Jean is a local reporter at heart, and that surely comes across in this distriKt. Anything and everything that stands out to him – and there’s a lot that does! – gets photographed. But Jean doesn’t just take a picture and move on, he explains why he took the time to feature it in his distriKt, making each post interesting and informational.

He loves the anti-aging properties, among other health benefits, of the tambili coconut; the face that if something you own breaks you don’t have to replace the item, you can simply take it in to one of the many repair shops on the island; the Sri Lankan national drink, Arrack, that goes great together with Coke or Sprite; and the security officer at the supermarket who tests lightbulbs, if you buy them, to ensure they are working properly. Where else would someone do that for you?

What does Jean hate? When people ride on their motorbikes with children, but don’t provide the young skulls with a helmet; the nightly burning of garbage that pollutes the air; and each week when Monday comes around. Seriously, is there anyone out there that likes Monday’s?

This little description only scratches the surface of Jean’s distriKt. There is so much more to experience inside that you have to discover it for yourself!

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Hi ! I'm an arrogant frenchie living in Matara south Sri Lanka. Need tips for lifestyle, surfing or wathever around the island ?