Miami, double face?

Miami, double face?

Not everything shines like a diamond in Miami, Florida

Damien acts as a local tour guide by taking us inside the city of Miami, Florida. As a local reporter, he shows us the good and the bad of this major city. While Miami is known for its glitz and glamor, Damien teaches us his city has a dirty underbelly like any other big urban development.

He starts us off with a little discovery of the dilapidated before moving on to document a huge pain in the city’s behind. Traffic! And speaking of behind’s, Damien managed to find some of that as well. In Miami you will find a large contingent of anti-Uber people. Here they are known as taxi drivers.

As a father, Damien knows a thing or two about teaching lessons. What is his lesson to us, you may be asking? When taking a trip in Miami, stay away from the cars with a certain bumper sticker. You’ll have to go inside to find out for yourself what the sticker is!

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