A new tour of New Delhi, India

A new tour of New Delhi, India

Brown water, time for a swim?

Mohd is from Saharanpur, India, but takes us with him to India’s capital of New Delhi for this exclusive distriKt. We can go to historical sites, places of entertainment, and of course, places to go for food in one of the largest cities on Earth. Join him in his travels with this distriKt!

Wouldn’t you want the protection of riding the metro with Power Rangers each day? That’s how it happens for Mohd when he rides the metro. He can’t always trust the police; sometimes one officer is busy carrying another officer on his shoulders through a flooded street! Boy, that must have been a storm. Hopefully it wasn’t too much for the Power Rangers…

What do the youngsters of New Delhi do when the rain comes? They like to swim in the Yamuna River. Mohd cautions against this, however, as the water is brown like liquefied mud. Who knows what else is in that water…They also like to go to the nearby grocery store to buy snacks! It’s not all bad.

Speaking of super heroes, Mohd was a good international reporter and met the real-life Iron Man. He sits on the ground all day watching over his extensive – real extensive – collection of hardware tools. Hundreds of tools cover the sheet upon which they rest. Hundreds more cover the second sheet right next to the first. Will he ever be able to sell them all?

Check out Mohd’s distriKt and maybe you will find out!

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