Paris: Home sweet home, at last

Paris: Home sweet home, at last

Back in her home city after years in America

Raphaëlle is from France but had been living in the United States for some time. Now she is back in France, living in Paris like a “tourist,” in her words. That is the theme of her distriKt, as she shows us around France to clue us in on what a tourist would enjoy if they made the trip! Saddle up!

Her first post comes from Le Marais, a neighborhood in Paris with a considerable Jewish population. She stops by a Hebrew library before, fittingly, finding a place right across the street to eat some falafel. She calls this restaurant, named Chez Marianne, one of the best eateries in the Le Marais neighborhood. From what her photographs show, it looks like they serve up some authentic falafel.

Raphaëlle went to the Palais de Congres, a modern and beautiful concert venue where she heard music that was even more beautiful. She described the concert as the best she has ever attended. It’s easy to see how, considering Hans Zimmer has made some pretty incredible movie soundtracks in his life.

Another fantastic area she went to was Notre Dame. The past of Notre Dame is readily apparent. Gothic style architecture is a heavy feature, and does well to remind the visitors of the history that has taken place in Paris. Near Notre Dame are a couple of enticing restaurants Raphaëlle suggests you to try. Taking her advice should benefit your trip experience; she is an insider after all.

Thank you for the local reporting, Raphaëlle, that you have showed us with your distriKt!

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