A little slice of Ecuador

A little slice of Ecuador

Drinks and sunsets, fisherman and artists

Alerig traveled to San Jose, Ecuador, and shows us the best scenes of his trip. His stay on the beach provides us with a glimpse into the life of local fishermen, a look at a beachfront restaurant, local artwork, and impressive sunsets.

On the beach Alerig shows us a team of fishermen work together to put their vessel in the water and then to bring it back out again. Alerig doesn’t forget to document the boatload of fish brought in from a day on the water, fish soon to be swimming in the spices of a chef’s hot pan or in the stomach of a hungry surfer.

The beach where Alerig stayed looks as if it was carved out from the bushy hills that surround it. This beach is also home to what Alerig dubbed “the surfing mojito,” a menu of summery drinks like mojitos and margaritas, all painted on a standing surfboard. These hills provide a wonderful place to watch the sunset, glowing red-orange, as it dips into the sea before disappearing completely. Mojito + sunset + hilltop view = an evening to remember.

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