Queensland, a land fit for a queen

Queensland, a land fit for a queen

Diversity at all levels

Chloe lives in Australia and brings to us the beauty of Queensland, Australia. Situated on the northeastern coast of Australia, Queensland is chock full of diversity, with national parks and beaches, exotic birds and kangaroos, and tall buildings of Brisbane, Australia, all right next to each other. Chloe shows us the woodlands of Buderim Forest Park, the dolphins and whales of Noosa National Park, the views from Mount Coolum, and what it looks like when a group of kangaroos take over a college campus (in case anybody was curious).

Chloe likes to spend time outside in the fresh air of Queensland. With so many trees around, the air must be crisp with freshness, especially in Buderim Forest Park. She shows us that it is a beautiful and special place to be in the late afternoon and beyond, as the sun tries to sneak its way through the forest, supplying her with precious light as she sits near a creek.

Closer to the coast is Noosa National Park and the hilltop Chloe found that overlooks an inlet with a small beach. It is a good point of view for the activity at the moment; watching the dolphins swim and surf in the waves. Another gorgeous outlook point is the top of Mount Coolum, which gives Chloe a lovely view of the shoreline, as well as the town of Marcoola, perfectly situated along the coast. It’s time for Chloe to take a breath of that fresh air, while at the same time taking in the peace of the surroundings.

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