Seville is the place to be

Seville is the place to be

A little taste of Spain with abig city feel

Ben is an international reporter who takes us all over the city of Seville, Spain, in this in depth distriKt. Whether he’s inside or outside, above or below, Ben shows us why Seville is a special place to spend time.

His distriKt starts where his trip started; on the roof of his dwelling with a view over the entire city. Looking down his street are rows of buildings with each window having its own balcony. About half of the balconies are decorated with either flowers or another kind of diminutive plant. All of which are very visually appealing.

Near his living quarters is the recently completed Metropol Parasol, a wooden structure – claimed by the architects to be the largest of its kind in the world – at the La Encarnacion square, and given the nickname “Incarnation’s mushroom” due to the resemblance it shares with the fungi.

Ben was even in town to document the city’s Easter procession. Rows and rows of pews spanning entire blocks were set up on the street. The costumes worn in the procession were a combination of fancy and unflashy which, combined with the large crowd, created quite a scene. Marching musicians wore blue with gold flashes, but the remainder of the procession were either clad entirely in black or white. The white group’s outfit was eerily reminiscent of what the Ku Klux Klan wears in the United States, pointy white hoods and all.

The chances of them being real KKK? Small. The chances of Ben seeing a bullfight? 100%! The chances of you visiting this distriKt? Well, that one’s up to you. Visit Ben’s distriKt for some real travel inspiration!

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