What can Tangier do for you?

What can Tangier do for you?

That all depends on who you ask

Karam takes us to Morocco in this fascinating look at the daily life of a local reporter in Tangier. As an architect, Karam takes an interest in the city developments that are taking or have taken place in Tangier. He also provides his own insider recommendations for anyone who wants to visit his city!

This Moroccan city is still in the process of modernizing itself as a 21st century city, and therefore shows signs of old Tangier and new Tangier. Karam first takes us to an old stadium, Plaza Toros de Tangier. It was built by the Spanish in 1950 and, although now abandoned, has a meaningful place in the heart of Tangierois. Many entertaining bullfights took place here over the years.

One of the planned developments in Karam’city is the Marina Bay. By the mock-ups, it looks as though the new marina will be a lovely spot to spend a few hours of the day. The hope is that cruise ships will dock at the marina, tourist boats will come in, and there will be an all around increase in tourism.

Karam makes sure we don’t forget that Morocco is a place flush with history. One spot he brings us to is the ancient site of Bab Bhar. Renovation is currently underway at this location to restore the site to as-close-to original status. By nightfall, it time to reference Karam’s recommendation for where to go. Cafe Salon Blue might be the best choice. Situated on a rooftop close to the beach, this cafe serves us good-tasting food and provides tremendous views of the city. Take in ancient Tangier from this location!

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