This is Tel Aviv

This is Tel Aviv

Enter the second most populous city in Israel: Tel Aviv

Ernest documented his travel to Israel with this distriKt, photo-discovering the major city of Tel Aviv. While in Israel he took a trip to the city of Haifa and to the Sea of Galilee, also known as Lake Tiberias. He saw a lot of Tel Aviv, and took many photos of the city and it’s old-town of Jaffa.

There are several things Ernest saw that makes Tel Aviv a unique destination. One thing, and maybe the most important, is the excellent local food found in Tel Aviv. Ernest says he tried the best hummus of his life here. Now that’s saying something! What are some other odds and ends? How about a tree growing in mid-air, a monkey balancing on its head at the Shlomo Lahat Promenade, or even a Batman sighting? That’s some fine reporting Ernest…keep up the good work.

As an international reporter, Ernest shows us a little bit of the Israeli culture as well. In the daytime there is a good deal of sports taking place on or near the velvet-sanded beaches. At night, the streets are filled with people along the Carmel Market and the Dizengoff Center, an American-style shopping mall.

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