Welcoming the new year in Thailand

Welcoming the new year in Thailand

Thailand, where ancient temples meet all night long turmoil.

In this distriKt, Denis highlights his New Years Eve celebration in Bangkok, Thailand.  Along with his aunt and his friends, Denis went to temples and rooftops in Bangkok, royal palaces and food markets in Ayuttaya, and even made it to the location of a scene in the movie Very Bad Trip 2.

In Bangkok Denis did a good deal of traveling. He spent a day visiting the famous Wat Pho Royal Palace, a sight that is truly to behold. The crazy-detailed architecture is surely a sight for sore eyes with countless features on the outside, it’s hard to see it all to even make it inside!

Denis enjoyed a meal at the Royal Palace of Ayuttaya, one of many temples in Thailand, while overlooking the peaceful nearby river. Another destination in Thailand is the Sky Bar, the location that appeared in the Very Bad Trip 2 movie. It must’ve been neat to experience a little taste of Hollywood while in Thailand.

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