Scenes from a roadtrip across the United States

Scenes from a roadtrip across the United States

With a focus on the scenes and not the road, thankfully

Caroline lives in France, but one day she decided she wanted to take a roadtrip across the United States. It’s something many American’s (and foreigners) dream about doing someday. Caroline made it a reality and shared her journey with us!

Her trip began overlooking the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The expansiveness of the Grand Canyon is staggering. The Colorado River contorts itself through pink and tan colored gorges, peaks, buttes, and ravines that carry on for miles and miles, on its way to emptying into the Gulf of California. It’s an epic landscape. No wonder so many people, in the desert heat, come to see it…

Caroline continued west on her trip, stopping in “the middle of nowhere” (somewhere in Nevada) before reaching Yosemite National Park in California. Arguably the most beautiful place on Earth, Yosemite combines massive rock structures, forests, lakes, and waterfalls into one geographical melting pot. Yosemite’s Mirror Lake is so placid, the reflection is as clear as looking into a mirror. I wonder why it got that name…

After spending a peaceful time in Yosemite, Caroline toured a little more of California. She made stops in Palm Springs (a beautiful desert resort town), Santa Barbara (a city on the beach in Southern California), and Carmel (a petite, boutique-y town on the south end of Monterey Bay full of old, magnificent trees). It goes without saying, each of these locations is worth while.

Her trip had to end eventually, in part because what would the alternative be, homelessness? Perpetual vagabondness? Nevertheless, what’s a better place to end a cross-country roadtrip than South Florida? Except, maybe, somewhere on the California coast…but South Florida is perfect in its own right.

Visit Caroline’s distriKt to see her final days in South Florida, where she spent time in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the Florida Keys. After all of those miles, that key lime pie had to taste pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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