Guadeloupe is a slice of paradise

Guadeloupe is a slice of paradise

It’s calling your name right now…

Laure and her family were in need of a vacation so they decided to get away from it all by spending three weeks on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. She documented their travels and experiences in this distriKt, and as international reporter, tried to spend her time living like a local as much as possible.

What does living like a local do for a trip like this? It gets you to places you or any other traveler have never heard or knew about. It affords you experiences you would not otherwise have the opportunity for. Arguably most importantly, it brings you closer and in touch with the culture and community you are there to discover.

One example of this is a pic-nic spot in the rainforest at Bras David. In her post Laure explains how you get there, but in order to maintain the uniqueness and discreetness of the location, it’s important to keep that information to yourself. The result is a beautiful place along one of the many nearby rivers to spend quality time with loved ones.

Another private location is in the Grand Cul de Sac just outside of Pointe a Pitre. the wooden beachline typically provides you with hours of your own private beach. Take in the silence. Take in the crystal blue water. Take in the fact that you’re enveloped in pristine nature. You can’t find something like this just anywhere.

Are you up for some adventure? Try kayaking through the rainforest to the Pigeon Isles and Cousteau Reserve. At the destination you’ll be able to explore life below the water, snorkeling around the reefs while high-fiving passing fish. Sounds like fun, right? You even get to top it all off with a complimentary glass of Planteur, a combination of rum and fresh fruit juices.

There’s something for everyone in Guadeloupe. Check out her distriKt and find your niche!

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