A new day, a new adventure across France

A new day, a new adventure across France

Walk in the paths of a French woman for authentic French experience

Raphaëlle shares with us her delightful distriKt about her home country of France. She travels all over the country, from the capital of Paris to Nice in the southeast and to Brest in northwestern Britanny, and across the French Riviera. Raphaëlle captures her daily life with the images of France that she feels represents her country with authenticity.

She knows France like the back of her hand, and her guide shows it. Raphaëlle always manages to deliver the best views from Èze, Saint-Romain-en-Viennois, Chaumont, or wherever her daily adventure takes her. One day it might be a trip to the countryside of Dagny, another day it could be a stroll through the Des Lices market in Rennes.

As a distriKt about France, Raphaëlle doesn’t forget about cuisine. Not only does she take appetizing pictures of food from restaurants, but as a lover of food, she even has 14 “passionate creations” that she displays in her distriKt. These are true to the definitions of “passion” and “creation,” as each dish is its own work of art.

This is France as seen by a native. Now, it’s your turn.

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