Travel up and down Vietnam as if it were your home

Travel up and down Vietnam as if it were your home

Discover Vietnam from Hanoi to the Mekong

Françoise left America to spend two weeks traveling in Vietnam, a land brimming with culture. She toured all of the country, beginning in Hanoi before finishing in Ho Chi Minh City. Françoise’s guide captures Vietnam’s culture through the people, the ancient history, and the regional fare.

While in Vietnam Françoise tried to experience everything that was available to her. As a result, her distriKt is a wonderful account of life in this entire country. She made it to the ancient city of Hué along the Perfume River, saw a professional puppet performance in the capital of Hanoi, spent time in the rice paddies and farm lands, walked through local markets, and canoed along the Mekong River Delta. And this is only a small sample of her experience! Her activities created a thorough travel guide for anyone with an interest in Vietnam.

Thank you, Françoise, for your contributions in highlighting this slice of the world as a mydistriKt local reporter!

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