Zanzibar, Tanzania, and a sandbar that belongs to you

Zanzibar, Tanzania, and a sandbar that belongs to you

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In this distriKt, Maeva shares with us her trip to the east African country of Tanzania. She spend most of her time on the Zanzibar island just off the coast of mainland Tanzania, where she saw sunsets, endless ocean, and shipwrecked boats.

Off Zanzibar island’s coast is a sandbar, situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean. How cool is that? Just sailing along in the ocean and boom! Here’s a nice little sandbar for you to dock your boat, have a little pic nic, and nip a beer as the cool waves surround you. This is the life of an international reporter. It’s just you and the ocean at that point. Until a dolphin swims by! And then back to the two of you. Quite a time to be alive…

Day or night, the Port of Zanzibar is a prime location for people to unwind after a long day. Even if it wasn’t a long day, who wouldn’t want to spend the last moments of daylight on a beach with a gorgeous, potent sunset, watching it slowly sink into the depths of the Indian Ocean. Plus, who knows, maybe you’ll just find a colony of starfish on the beach too.

In Zanzibar Town Maeva went to the local market, a great source of culture exposure. Markets are a melting pot of smells and sights, bombarding the senses with each second and at every turn. Fruits, vegetables, fish, and a whole lot of people fill the market spaces. It’s always an experience when you go to local market like this.

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