Turkey, the center of Eurasia

Turkey, the center of Eurasia

If you blink, you might be in a different continent!

For Umut, sharing his distriKt’s with us is a beach. It’s also a peach, but let that pun sink in for a minute…Plain and simple, Umut loves the beach. For this distriKt, he let’s us in on his trip to Turkey. It’s special for several reasons, including being where Europe meets Asia.

The Eurasian border is the start-place for Umut’s distriKt. The first photo he shares with us is of the Fatih Mehmet Sultan Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey. When crossing the bridge, you either enter in Europe and exit in Asia, or vice versa. A major crossroads for trade, the historical significance of this area is without question.

In Fethiye, Turkey, the beach looks like it’s been carved out of a mountain. It looks that way, perhaps, because that’s what it is! When Umut was on the beach looking ahead, all he could see was the Mediterranean Sea on the horizon. If he turned around, the last thing he though would be behind him was the sea! Just miles down the coast, in Antalya, mountains surround the coast as well.

The coastal town of Bodrum is an excellent place to relax for a day. Get on a boat and just chill for hours, if you must. The surrounding forest won’t be going anywhere any time soon! Closer to the town are docks that are perfect for jumping in to the water, if that type of activity interest’s you. If exploring interests you, take a page from Umut’s book and discover Turkey in it’s entirety (or as close to entirety in the time he had). Umut not only saw the aforementioned locations, he also went to Kas, Cesme, and Ayvalik. His journey’s included stopping by a colorful outdoor market, walking under hundreds of similarly colorful parasols, and trying to find his beach chair in a sea of hundreds of chairs.

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