The very best of Batignolles

The very best of Batignolles

Batignolles, where Paris seems to be a small village.

Located in Paris’ 17th arrondissement, Batignolles is Marion’s home and has a small community vibe in the major city of Paris, France. Small public gardens, delicious restaurants with various specialties, vintage clothing stores, videoclubs and local farmers’ markets, every little detail of Marion’s life in Batignolles is right in here.

Have you ever wondered what kind of shops were on a street, but maybe you didn’t have the time to check each one of them out? Well, Marion does this for you! Her guide to Batignolles is a great source for discovering everything in the neighborhood, including her run-down of the special shops and restaurants  and what you can expect from them. Now you can spend more time on your trip enjoying the scenery and your activity of choice instead of spending that time planning!

Keep up the great local reporting, Marion!

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