Living in Algeria like a true Algerian

Living in Algeria like a true Algerian

Spend a day with Mouloud in his home city and see where you end up

Mouloud takes us inside his country of Algeria with this distriKt. He brings us an authentic look at Algeria by taking us with him everywhere he goes, acting as our own local tour guide by allowing us to discover Algeria through his daily life. Mouloud is a true local reporter at work!

Sometimes it isn’t possible to have a garden where you live, but this isn’t the case for Mouloud. He has a small garden, sure, but have you ever seen an Algerian garden? His is nice and green and looks like a good spot to enjoy some time to his self, but that isn’t to say he couldn’t plant a few flowers to add some color!

Speaking of flowers, Mouloud takes us to his cousin’s shop, who happens to be a florist! Come on cousin, you need to hook your family up! Speaking of family, we get a visual taste of his mom’s couscous. Now that’s some authentic home cooking.

Mouloud also lets us experience the great outdoors of Algeria, taking us to the beach and the countryside (where his parents were born), with a little traffic along the way. Such is life…

It’s time now to see Mouloud’s life!

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