Paris by a Parisian

Paris by a Parisian

From the Streets to the Rooftops

Marion lives in Paris and gets to show us her city by night and by day. Her agenda is pretty straightforward: find a good spot to look over the city (which always provides us with an incredible view), get up close to Paris’ famous architecture, eat great food, and take in some of the cutting-edge fashion the city has to offer.

What is a day in Paris like for Marion? It starts out with a walk through the bright and dark streets, a yin and yang of radiant sunlit buildings on one side of the street with a shadowed wall of buildings on the other side. Straight down the middle of the street rests Montmarte, gazing over the 18th arrondissement. Marion encounters a bakery shop specializing in cream-puffs, each with their own little hat of pink, red, or green frosting. The smell of butter fills the bakeshop and soon floods Marion’s senses. If only smells could be translated through the internet…

By evening it is time for a perfectly plated meal and frothy glass of beer from a neighborhood brasserie. This brasserie specializes in beer, and one can see the bar lined from end-to-end with draft levers. Next it is time to go for a walk and digest. By this time the sun has gone down below the horizon. Marion has made her way to the l’Arc de Triomphe, gleaming gold from the ground-level lights, appearing as if it is gold-plated, and surrounded by the black of night. This is a good place to call it a night. This is a day in Paris for Marion.

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