Washington D.C. during the morning, day, and at night

Washington D.C. during the morning, day, and at night

With a little side of cherry blossom

Hubert took a trip to Washington D.C. where he discovered much about the capital of the United States. He visited D.C. at the perfect time of year; during peak cherry blossom season! Talking a walk around the National Mall in late March is a wholly different scene than it is any other time of the year.

Washington D.C. is without a doubt a prime travel destination in the United States, yet any time spent there as a visitor seems incomplete if not spent during the fleeting cherry blossom season. The season, which starts several days before the peak bloom date, can last up to two weeks at most. It goes without saying, but good timing Hubert! The pink tree flowers give life to the urban, concrete environment, bordering the streets and lining the parks. There’s no excuse for not taking a walk this time of year; even if it’s cold out, they invented winter coats for a reason! A must-see for any international reporter thinking of spending time here.

Hubert made the most of his time in D.C. (starting with being there at the right time). During the day he did the usual touring of American monuments, including the Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington Memorial’s. A stop by the Capitol Building was slightly less-than amusing, as construction (or renovation) on the Capitol dome obstructed the view of the most notable aspect of the famous building. Hubert also got a chance to walk by the White House and say hello to the president, although it was through the gates.

Come nighttime, Hubert had a blast. Early in his trip he saw Tiesto perform at Echostage, before seeing 3 more concerts during his stay. According to Hubert, seeing Tiesto live was the best concert he’s ever been to. He even got to take in a National Basketball Association game between the hometown Washington Wizards and the visiting Houston Rockets. You know he had a good time going out because he even stayed up — or maybe just woke up real early? — to watch the sunrise over the city.

Cherry blossoms, touring a new city, and endless nightlife surely made for a fantastic trip for Hubert.

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