Yaounde and Ngaoundere, Cameroon, and traffic too

Yaounde and Ngaoundere, Cameroon, and traffic too

How different can life here be?

Silvio takes us to the Western coast of Africa to see Cameroon in this distriKt. He shows us that life there is just about the same as anywhere else. There are airports, discotheques, busy streets, and places to grab a bite.

The first thing Silvio shows us is the small airport in Ngaoundere, Cameroon. Compared to another airport he shows us later, it is very small and, unable to see any planes, looks more just like a building with offices.

If you think you have traffic in your city, well, Silvio has it in Cameroon also. Day and night the streets of Yaounde are comprised of slow moving traffic with cars sitting bumper-to-bumper. Is this a familiar sight for you? Unfortunately, it probably is…

So what does Silvio do to burn off the steam from sitting it traffic? He’ll go to the discotheque of course! According to him, the discotheque in Yaounde is super. Going by the picture, it looks like a pretty darn good time.

Back in Ngaoundere Silvio goes to a park with many trees, skinny trees, sprouting up like the hairs on a head. Benches are placed around the park so anyone can take a few minutes to ponder the questions of life…such as what’s for dinner? Is it time for a haircut? And should I visit this distriKt?

The answer to that last one, is yes. Sneak a peek at Silvio’s life by visiting his distriKt!

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