What is mydistriKt?

What is mydistriKt?

We believe that we all have a place that belongs to us.

Plant your flag, draw your frontiers, create your distriKt and share it with the world or just with your friends.

A distrikt is where you live, where you work, where you have been, where you have memories or dreams, where you like to spend time.

Share your distriKt with the world. Your village, your street, your city, your neighborhood…

Post pictures, albums, videos, or articles and share your knowledge of your territory.

ConneKt to places you love, here, there and everywhere, to keep posted with your world.

Discover people who have a common interest in a place.

mydistriKt is the first social media network to share and conneKt to territories you love.

Download the App on iPhoneAndroid and Website right away to not miss out on great tips, locals secrets and beautiful places.

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