Not a bad return: Vail and Breckenridge, Colorado

Not a bad return: Vail and Breckenridge, Colorado

Sun, snow, ski, need anything else?

MarieLaure returns to Colorado, United States, in this distriKt, a place where she lived for two years of her life 25 years ago. She doesn’t live there anymore but, let her tell it, each return is met with the same pleasure as when she made her original discovery.

For MarieLaure, this trip back to her former home was a ski trip. Soon after landing in the white wonderland of Colorado in Winter, MarieLaure was on her way up the mountain – in lift-chair 14, to be exact – at Vail, one of the more popular ski destinations in the United States. The first day on the mountain was bright and sunny before turning grey and snowy for day two. No big deal for MarieLaure, she was still able to carve the mountain up to her liking. Mmmmm, fresh powder…

From Vail she went to Breckenridge, another popular Colorado ski resort town. Recommendation time! Once you’re done skiing for the day, you know you have to refuel so you can beast the mountain again the next day. MarieLaure suggests you do so at Hearthstone, in Breckenridge, a restaurant with great ambiance and food. The menus offerings have something for everyone.

What MarieLaure did at the end of her trip was so cool. Have you ever gone dogsledding? Well, it comes highly recommended by her! Just off Highway 24 in Leadsville, Colorado, you can have the ride of your life at Alpine Adventures. Who wants to go cross-country skiing when you can have 8 dogs pulling you through the beautiful landscape instead? What an experience that has to be…

See it all for yourself in her distriKt, or get out there and do it on your own!

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