Hakuna Atacama

Hakuna Atacama

Welcome to the driest non-polar desert in the world: Atacama

Is this even Earth? Located in South America, the Atacama Desert left Agathe speechless. Its salt lakes look like a moonscape. Its stony terrains are comparable to the red soil of Mars. Certainly not lastly, its immaculate sand and snow mountains, and all of the aforementioned, help make the Atacama Desert what it is.

Wait a second, is that a real watering hole, or is it just a mirage? Okay, so mirages don’t show up in photographs, so the water must really be there. There are some bushes scattered around the land, although they look like they’ve been dead since the moon landing. Hmmm, why haven’t they turned in to tumbleweeds yet? Maybe they haven’t matured enough and still need some time at home.

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