The Great Brittany

The Great Brittany

Lucie’s every day life in Western Armorica, Brittany, France

As a local reporter Lucie brings us into her daily life in Brittany, France, with this distriKt. Lucie is proud to live in Brittany, which is known in France for its strong cultural identity, its unique history and traditional architecture. She can’t take her eyes off a bloody sunset, loves to walk by the sea and shares with you her favorite spots in her small city of Saint-Quay-Portrieux.

Does Lucie ever get tired of the ocean or the beach? No! And why would she, it’s beautiful out there! With her many beach recommendations, this distriKt acts as a guide to discovering water activities in the Brittany region. You can take a trip to the Sea Club and find out what you can experience with their help. You can go swimming in the half sea water pool right next to the ocean. Or you can walk along the marina and find a spot to have a nice meal on the shoreline while enjoying the sun and a cool breeze.

Spend a day in this French region with Lucie today, or use her distriKt guide for a future trip!

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