Gaume, sweet Gaume

Gaume, sweet Gaume

Belgium: where life goes nice and slow.

Nature. BBQ. Friends. That about sums up the life of François in his home of Belgium. When the sun is out and the snow is gone, he and his friends get together and grill up some fine meats to go along with a fresh fruit salad. Of course, the meal would be incomplete without some traditional Belgian beer. Whether the surroundings are a tranquil forest or acres of green grass, it is nature at it’s finest and is perfect for a peaceful getaway.

When the snows come they blanket that same grass and climb up those same trees, covering them too. It must be cold, yet the picture gives off the warmth of kinship and community, a time of year everyone must make it through. Life is slow, life is nice. See what it’s like for François in Belgium, and warm up with some barbeque and a Leffe.

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