Sweden Syndrome

Sweden Syndrome

Stockholm, the city you always want to return to.

Paul visited Stockholm in Autumn and was struck by its beauty. The colorful houses, the near naked trees getting ready for winter, a beautiful river he would walk by each day, and its fast metro and slow little streets told the story of this 14-island city.

According to Paul, walking through the Swedish capital is like a small adventure. Thanks to Paul’s great photography, we can experience this adventure for ourselves. One of the more striking photos is of a neat little staircase, broken up into 3-5 segments, situated in between two tall brick buildings. Another tall building provides the backdrop and completes the scene. It’s a dramatic look at a sight someone might easily walk past without noticing.

The old section of the city has a very quaint and comfortable feel to it. It’s cobbled alleyways deposit you right on to the banks of one of the numerous waterways in Stockholm. In this time of year the alleys are covered in fallen leaves, presenting everyone the pure look of Fall.

Thanks to Paul’s international reporting, we can all enjoy Stockholm in the Fall.

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