Let’s rock Morocc’

Let’s rock Morocc’

Discover a colorful Morocco with Johanna.

Johanna went to Morocco a few years ago and fell in love with its colorful streets.While she was there she had the opportunity to experience the culture first-hand. In this distriKt, you will be able to see Moroccan culture from an authentic point of view!

As a part of her Moroccan discovery, she had dinner like a local at a local eatery. This isn’t your ordinary eatery, however. At this establishment they keep the chickens they use alive in cages in the restaurants kitchen. Guess what happens if you order a chicken dish? They kill the chicken right there and serve it up to you as fresh as possible.

Another aspect of the culture that Johanna captured was dropping of all activities by the locals once prayer time came around. She took that time to take some great shots of the nearby market and their spice display, arranged in tubes reminiscent of a set of Crayola’s!

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