Who doesn’t like Paris?

Who doesn’t like Paris?

Paris, the French capital, is the grand favorite of Marine

Marine is a French student living in the French capital of Paris, and her distriKt is all about her life as a student living in this, her favorite city. As a local reporter she covers everything Paris has to offer and lets us in on her Paris secrets. See for yourself, Paris has a lot to offer!

Seriously, this distriKt has a ton of variety. Art, architecture, city views, monuments, parks, festivals, and a class here and there (she is a student after all) are all inside this distriKt. Unique to this distriKt is Marine’s documentation of several exquisite bathrooms that can be found in Paris. Bathrooms, you might be wondering? Yes, bathrooms. Don’t you want to see what all the bathroom hullabaloo is about?

Marine is very knowledgeable when it comes to the French capital, Paris. Almost every picture comes with insider background information that we all can appreciate, as it gives us the story of the photo. Journey to Paris with Marine as your tour guide and remember, students know their city!

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