Texas Tough? No, Texas laugh!

Texas Tough? No, Texas laugh!

Every day chronicles of a French Expat living in Houston, Texas

Howdy is French and sees an opportunity to describe with humor and (sometimes) sarcasm her everyday life in Houston, where she recently settled. Do you know how she understands the Texan accent as a French expat? How she analyzes the sudden interest for gluten-free… well, everything? The way she felt the first time she saw peanut butter? Well, you will if you scroll up and down her great distriKt.

Follow the everyday life of local reporter Howdy all around Texas, the second largest U.S. state by land area, and her discovery of every little interesting thing she comes across…right down to the Texas shaped waffle she at for breakfast one morning. Endless discovery awaits you, so why do you wait?

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