Discover the splendid German Franconia region with a native

Discover the splendid German Franconia region with a native

Würzburg, Tauberbischofsheim, Germany, and endless culture

Jennifer brings us a fantastic distriKt guide about her experiences in and around her hometowns of Würzburg and Tauberbischofsheim, Germany. Discover the activities of a German university student as she chronicles her daily life, while also offering her insider recommendations! Rivers, forests, castles, and festivals are a part of life here in the German Franconia region, making it a true travel destination.

Jennifer likes to bring us in to everything she does on a daily basis. See what she’s doing while in class or studying for a test…it won’t be what you might expect (spoiler alert, she’s checking out mydistriKt!). One day, Jennifer even decided to donate blood, offering an inside look at the process, something that may be of value for anyone thinking about donating blood themselves.

What are Jennifer’s suggestions, you’re asking? She’ll advise you to give horseback riding a try in the plains of Triefenstein; experience the “wine beach” event that showcases German food, wine, and music; the highly entertaining annual Africa Festival that highlights African culture; and take a stroll along the banks of the River Main. These are only a few examples, to see them all you have to visit her distriKt! Thank you Jennifer for displaying the beauty and culture of your home distriKt!

Planet DistriKt Tip : Bavarian Castles ; day trip to Heidelberg, Baden Baden and the Black Forest ; Eltz Castle in the Rhine valley

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