What holidays in Ecuador look like

What holidays in Ecuador look like

Where life goes hand in hand with calor and color.

What if holidays meant gorgeous beaches where you could surf and swim, delicious restaurants and savory cocktails, colorful villages perched on a hill, muddy natural spas, mountains tipped with snow… Well, that is what it means for Fabian; interested?

The surf’s up for Fabian in Ecuador! But that isn’t the only thing…Fabian found a way to look over the city of Guayaquil from a perch next to a church on a hill. This spot is wonderful for relaxation as there are so many things to look out on: buildings in a rainbow of colors and ranging in sizes, the Guayas River running through the city, and the beach situated along a row of high-rises.

Surf spots galore in this distriKt, a real surf guide. Be sure to check out the waves, dude!

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