A Belgian Living in Atlanta

A Belgian Living in Atlanta

The Capital of the South has everything one would expect in a capital, and then some.

Patricia takes us on a journey through Atlanta, the Capital of the South, as seen through the eyes of a Belgian living in the city. She takes us in, around, above, and below Atlanta, through a charming village in one of the city’s eastern neighborhoods, the half-sized area of Atlantic Station (complete with mini-mansions), the depths of the Atlanta metro system, and more.”

In an East Atlanta village, she was delighted with her discovery of a little open air market which she found to be a special place. Maybe because one tent vendor sells Belgian waffles, or because of the exquisite outdoor surroundings. Walking through the market is like living in a painter’s palette, with orange, yellow, blue, and rainbow tents housing a colorful array of fresh fruits and vegetables, all beside the purple, white and green of flowers in bloom. She felt the gravel beneath her feet as her eyes were full of color while the smell of freshly baked waffles floods her nose. Only a few blocks from the market is the Atlanta BeltLine hiking trail.

Thanks to Patricia we catch a glimpse of the Atlanta BeltLine, much of it overgrown railroad tracks. Atlanta is interesting in that it is a major metropolitan area with many green spaces, perfect for picnics, a morning jog, or a walk with your favorite animal pal. The City of Atlanta is developing this BeltLine region as a multi-use rail that will connect Atlanta’s parks – new and pre-existing – and neighborhoods. Taking a stroll along the BeltLine took her through narrow alley’s that look like a forest from inside, to a neighborhood which seems to pop up out of nowhere, back to a forgotten and graffitied city utility’s station in the thick of weeds, and before she knew it back to the residential neighborhood of Glenwood Park. The BeltLine is quite the unique walking trail, but it doesn’t compare to the oddity that is Atlantic Station.

Arguably the quirkiest part of her exploration is around Atlantic Station. Here she will found a half-neighborhood, but what is a half-neighborhood? It’s just that; everything is half-sized. Half-numbered streets, half-sized roads, half-shops and half-restaurants are this neighborhood’s claim to fame. Tall people beware of low hanging signs, you want your head to stay on top of your shoulders!

Planet DistriKt Tip : use the Atlanta CityPASS with Skip-the-line access to the best attractions.

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