Coral Gables, it’s own kind of city

Coral Gables, it’s own kind of city

Stone street markers, gentle waterways

The City of Coral Gables is one of the greenest neighborhood in all of Miami. Laure shows us the Banyan trees that cover many of the roads, many of which form magnificent tree tunnels throughout the city. From a view down a quiet palm-tree lined street in the morning to an afternoon walk around the near-perfectly manicured University of Miami campus, Coral Gables is hands-down a gem in the Miami treasure chest.

Practically every street in Coral Gables is a sight to behold. Every house in Coral Gables has a different architectural style than the next, from Spanish to colonial and Normandy to contemporary, one can make an activity out of “house-watching” by simply driving through the streets. What makes this activity even more enjoyable is that almost every house is enshrouded in some kind of tropical foliage with beautiful garden with vegetables, trees and flowers. Sometimes it even looks as if a house popped out of the ground in the middle of a jungle!

But this isn’t even the entire picture, this is only what is seen at eye-level. One only needs to look up to the sky, as Laure has time and again, to see the dynamic scene taking place above us. The clouds are truly fascinating and even imposing at times, with an extraordinary variety in cloud shape, size, and color. Laure sees Coral Gables the way it is: simply beautiful.

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