The rose-colored rocks of Perros-Guirec, France

The rose-colored rocks of Perros-Guirec, France

Pink granite rocks, purple house shutters, and orange sunsets…

Perros-Guirec, France, is Lucie’s favorite place in the Brittany region, her favorite in all of France. In her distriKt she offers insider tips to the area. Trust her on these, she loves this place! Lucie brings us up close and personal with Perros-Guirec’s renowned pink granite rocks and pink sand beach, formed by years of erosion from the English Channel.

After a walk along the beach it might be time to cruise on past the church of Saint-Guirec, which overlooks the water, on over to the Park of Sculptures, where there are 19 granite sculptures of people doing…something! The poses must be more consistent with activities of the period in which they were made than modern times…

Lucie found a special place for all of the romantics out there, and that would be the Hotel Castel Beau Site. A nine-minute walk from the Ploumanac’h lighthouse and its surrounding “pebbles,” (they look big, as though you were looking at actual pebbles through a magnifying glass!) the hotel has views that look out onto a little pink granite beach cove. Lucie also has a restaurant suggestion for the lovebirds (or anyone else who likes food in a special environment) in neighboring Trégastel. Les Triagoz offers spectacular views of the English Channel and combines their location with fresh and excellent food.

See for yourself why Perros-Guirec means so much to Lucie!

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